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12/08/2018 Press Release



With strong investments in innovation and new lines, Brazilian companies are launching increasingly sophisticated products, which have been awarded in international competitions.


A delegation of 15 companies integrates the Brasil Pavilion - Hall 3.1, stands C31-E38 – in ISM 2019, in Cologne, Germany.


For the second consecutive year, exports of candy, chocolates, peanuts, cereal bars and other sweets from Brazil have shown a strong growth. From January to October 2018, confectionery sales to the foreign market grew 44.5% in volume and 41.6% in value, compared to the same period in 2017. Last year, the sector sales abroad increased 19.44 % in value and 17.39% in volume compared to 2016.


The sharp growth in exports further stimulated interest in the foreign market and increased the number of confectionery companies from 11 to 14 that will be in the Brasil Pavilion at the ISM 2019, Cologne, Germany, January 27-30. The Pavilion, in Hall 3.1, is organized by ABICAB (Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association) and ABIMAPI (Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads and Cakes), with the support of Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).




The strong expansion of exports reflects the increase in investments by Brazilian companies in innovation, healthier products, new production lines, traceability and production in a sustainable way. In addition, Brazilian products gain more and more international recognition.


This was the case for the FOR FIT 47% cocoa barley with whey protein and soy protein isolate, by DIVINE CHOCOLATES, which received the Most Innovative Chocolate Award at Yummex 2018 in October, in Dubai. The FOR FIT 47% cocoa with whey protein and soy protein isolate will also be among the highlights of the ISM 2019's New Product Showcase - a space where trade show organizers will unveil news from companies that have stood out the most in the past year. Divine Chocolates is also launching, at the fair, new, healthier products, free from harmful ingredients or the ones that cause allergy to people with dietary restrictions.

On the other hand, SIMAS has also had its work recognized by ISM itself, with the inclusion of its CHERRY POP 30G ENERGY FLAVOUR in a Stand Up bag among the highlights of the ISM New Product Showcase. CHERRY POP ENERGY is a 30g lollipop bubble gum filled with unique energy flavour, in packages with 50 units per bag and 6 bags per carton. Simas is bringing new releases to the fair in Cologne.

"Companies are using healthier and higher-quality ingredients, as demand for differentiated products and consumer claims increases," says Ubiracy Fonsêca, president of ABICAB.

"Investments in new lines and the rebirth of the cocoa industry, with a sustainable production that preserves our forests, also contribute to a portfolio of quality products and sophistication, as well as genuinely Brazilian flavours that will be presented at the ISM," he adds.

Next are the highlights of the companies at the Brazilian Pavilion - Hall 3.1 stands C31-E38



BERBAU - The company has been investing in new packaging and is launching at ISM 2019 three new products:

MEGALITO COOKIES & CREAM - 20g Lollipop Cookies and Cream flavoured with chocolate chewy candy.

POP SUNFLOWER - 10g Lollipop Strawberry flavoured filled with strawberry flavoured bubble gum. Strawberry burst in your mouth!

DELICIA RANGE - 8g Filled Candy - Condensed Milk, Chocolate, Coconut, Cashew Nut and Assorted Bag. Traditional taste in a new, modern and colourful package, in individual flavours or assorted version.

CORY - With investments in innovation and development of technology for the production of chewing gums and candies, the company launches at the fair:

ICEKISS Chewing Gum Sugar Free 14gr - Mint Flavour, Peppermint Flavour and Watermelon Flavour.

AZEDINHA Chewable Drops 35g - Strawberry Flavour, Lime & Lemon Flavour.

DIVINE - In addition to presenting the award winning FOR FIT line chocolate, DIVINE is launching at the ISM:

FOR FIT FLAKES PROTEIN, covered with 50% Cocoa Chocolate with WHEY PROTEIN + ISOLATED PROTEIN FROM SOY (7.9g protein in 25g) - Gluten free, No added fat, No added Sugar. DARK CHOCOLATE 80% COCOA, zero lactose, no added sugar, gluten free and no added fat.

WHITE CHOCOLATE ZERO, zero lactose, no added sugar, gluten free, no added fat.

DIVINE also invests in packaging for premium products, such as the 'FEELINGS' truffle box, which has embossed finishes, localized varnish and hot stamping.

EMBARÉ - the traditional candy maker is launching three products at the fair:




GAROTO - The chocolate manufacturer is launching at the fair:

TALENTO DARK Cocoa Nibs – Dark chocolate & Cocoa nibs 70% 75g Bar;

TALENTO DARK Salted Caramel, 75g Dark Chocolate Bar 50% & Salted caramel;

TALENTO DARK with Passion Fruit layer, 75g Dark Chocolate Bar 50% & Passionfruit Layer;

TALENTO DARK with Raspberry Layer, 50% Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Layer 75g Bar;

TALENTO ORGANIC, organic chocolate several flavours, 50g Bar.

JAZAM - At the ISM, the company is launching:

COLORETI GRANULETI - chocolate compound lentils;

COLORETI NATURETI - chocolate compound lentils with natural colouring;

DUCREM SMILE - chocolate and hazelnut flavour spread;

AMENDOCHEF - no salt roasted peanuts; and

PINGO DE LEITE - soft caramel bar.

The company is Kosher certified.

PECCIN - The company has invested R$ 35 million (about 9.2 million dollars) to increase its production capacity this year. It is launching at the ISM an extension of its TRENTO line, one of its success stories, which for years has remained a market opener for the company:

TRENTO BITES - Extension of Trento Wafer Bars, the traditional Trento in small bites

TRIBALA, stuffed bullet stuffed, drained, tropical lemon flavour.

BLONG NEW FLAVOURS - sweet and Ice combinations for Blong chewing gum - Tutti Frutti and Ice and Grape and Ice flavours.

The company has Halal Sill, Badatz and Kosher cRc certifications.

SIMAS - The company invested in a new line of deposited gourmet lollipops of 31g, made with real cream and coconut oil. To be presented at the ISM, it comes in units in an exclusive display aimed at retail shops and check outs.

In addition to its prominence in the New Product Showcase at the fair, the company is also launching:

CHERRY POP ENERGY 14g - 14g lollipop bubble gum filled with unique energy flavour. Package comes with 50 units per bag and 24 bags per carton.

LOVE POP COTTON CANDY 12g - 12g heart shaped lollipop with exclusive cotton candy flavour, in two colours Pink and Blue. Package comes with 50 units and 22 bags per carton.

TIGER POPS 11g - 11g round shaped flat pops with stripes and 3 different flavours, strawberry, cherry and orange. Package comes with 50 units and 22 bags per carton.

DELI SWEET CANDY MIX - 380g candy bag with mixed candies in foil wrappers and different flavours and colours: tutti frutti, blue raspberry, green apple, grape, lemon and cherry. Package comes with 100 units per bag and 24 bags per carton. This product is aimed at celebration parties, gifts, decoration and seasonal dates.

SIMAS is BRC, Halal and Kosher certified.

TOFFANO - Round Ball Bubble Gum.

The company is Kosher certified.



At the BERBAU stand, candies with the flavour of Brazil include: Hard Candy Coffee Flavour - 4g; Filled Candy Delight Cashew Nut - 8g

CORY, on the other hand, will have at its stand Guarana flavoured Hard Candies with a filling of Guarana 480g.

EMBARÉ is bringing its BRAZILIAN DELIGHTS (Soursop, mango, açaí berry, papaya, pitanga and cupuaçú flavoured caramels) to the fair.

JAZAM will present the traditional Brazilian sweet PINGO DE LEITE (soft caramel) and PAÇOQUINHA (Paçoca is a typical sweet made from peanuts).

NEUGEBAUER will highlight in its stand, the PAÇOCA CHOCOLATES.

PECCIN is introducing TRENTO Passion Fruit and PURA Açaí (Pura is a chewable candy, stuffed and drained, with a natural aroma and pure fruit flavour)

RICLAN is highlighting the traditional FREEGELLS drops in the Açaí Banana flavour. The company is Halal, HACCP and BRC certified.

Toffano is bringing Drink Powders with Brazilian Flavours (Passion Fruit, Mango).



MONTEVERGINE - The company is launching:

PICK NICK ZERO SUGAR - line with 4 flavours - raisins, bananas, peanuts and cereals - covered in zero sugar chocolate.

WHEY NOUGAT BAR - Bar with soft texture and 14g of protein of high biological value per portion, high fibre content and ZERO added sugar. It has two flavours: brownie chocolate and peanut cream.


Indicated for muscle glycogen replacement, it is a full bar of peanuts, rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. It has three flavours: Cranberry, Coconut and Cocoa nibs.

DORI - it will have at its stand, better-for-you products, with natural ingredients such as fruit juices, combined with vitamins and minerals.

RICLAN – At the ISM, the company will highlight FREEGELLS HONEY, PROPOLIS AND LEMON WITH VITAMIN C - its well-known brand, Freegells, with real propolis and benefits allied to Vitamin C benefits in honey and lemon flavour.




RICLAN - At the ISM, the company is consolidating the success of recent launches and highlights among its products:

MY TOFFEE DIET ZERO LACTOSE - the first no sugar added Milk toffee also lactose free, developed for those with lactose intolerance and diets based on reduced sugar consumption.

SUGAR FREE HARD CANDY POCKET COFFEE – one of the company’s best sellers, the candy coffee flavour is now sugar free.

MY TOFFEE ZERO LACTOSE – Another of Riclan’s best sellers, the Milk toffee is now lactose free.



DORI - For over 50 years producing confectionery, DORI will bring to ISM products with a solid presence in mature markets such as the United States and European countries. Among its highlights are jellybeans, gelatine gummies, starch jellies, hard filled candies and chewy candies.

NEUGEBAUER - The company will highlight among the products of its stand at the fair, THE CHOCOLATE HITS BOX, which has a selection with the best Neugebauer chocolate products.

FRANCFORT - As a Brazilian leader in peanut exports, the company stands out among the products in its stand:




It is the only Brazilian company with its own peanut planting and producing 100% of high oleic peanuts.

It is Halal and Kosher certified.

OSTINATO – At the ISM, Ostinato is introducing its peanut line. The company highlights its expansion in the foreign market, as the most recent results show. In the first half of 2018, Ostinato gained 18 new clients and conquered nine new countries. Among its consolidated markets are European countries, where it exports raw peanuts, whole blanched peanuts, blanched peanut marmalade and raw peanut oil. It is Halal, Kosher and BRC certified.


ABOUT ABICAB – The Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association (ABICAB) was founded in 1957 and represents the national confectionery industry in public and private spheres in Brazil and abroad. The national confectionery industry represents $ 8.4 billion in retail value, employs more than 34,000 workers, is considered one of the major producers in the world and is widely recognized by the quality and safety of its products. ABICAB exists to develop, protect and promote the confectionery industry, aiming to stimulate a responsible consumption. Currently, ABICAB encompasses the Brazilian production chain, representing 93% of the chocolate market, 92% of the candy and confections market and 63% of the peanut market.


ABOUT ABIMAPI - Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads and Cakes - is one of the largest bodies of its kind in Brazil with around 100 member companies holding 75% of the national turnover and more than 100 thousand direct jobs. In Brazil alone, the members of the Association account for a third of the national wheat flour consumption. Its mission is to strengthen and consolidate the biscuit, pasta, industrialized bread and cake categories in the Brazilian and International Markets. In partnership with Apex-Brasil, develops a sector-focused project named Brazilian Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes, being active for 15 years and currently has 50 Brazilian companies that annually export USD 175 million and 100.000 tons to over 80 countries on the five continents. www.abimapi.com.br/?lang=en


ABOUT APEX-BRASIL - The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. Apex-Brasil organizes several initiatives aiming to promote Brazilian exports abroad. The Agency´s efforts comprise trade and prospective missions, business rounds, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international trade fairs, arrangement of technical visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, and other select activities designed to strengthen the country’s branding abroad. Apex-Brasil also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to Brazil, by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in Brazil. www.apexbrasil.com.br/en/home


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