Sweet Brasil
05/11/2015 Press Release

Brazil during the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2015 in Chicago

Brazil will exhibit pure chocolates as well as those with and without Brazilian fruit fillings, produced with 100% Brazilian cacao.

Organic cacao, special cacao, almonds, coconut, and acai brittle are key ingredients that are produced in different regions of Brazil, such as the Transamazon region, Lower Xingu, Pará and Bahia, among others, that give Brazilian chocolate a special and unique flavor.

In different shapes, fillings and cacao percentages, the single origin chocolate, which is 100% produced in Brazil will be the main attraction at the Sweet Brasil stand during the Sweets&Snacks Expo in Chicago (USA), taking place between 19th and 21st May. There will be seven Brazilian companies associated with Sweet Brasil – the project agreed between ABICAB (The Brazilian Cacao, Chocolates, Peanuts, Candies and Byproducts Industry Association) and Apex-Brasil, The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – which will show the world that besides the unique culture, Brazil has rich natural resources, which are transformed creatively into delicious products that are successful both nationally and internationally.

Exporters including Garoto, Docile, Embaré, Riclan, Simas, Nugali Chocolates and Harald will be present at the Sweet Brasil stand. "We will launch two special products from the Unique USA 80g line: milk chocolate with toasted coconut and dark chocolate with orange. Harald Unique is the first line of chocolate produced with 100% Brazilian single origin cacao. Through the Unique product line, Harald seeks to encourage Brazilian cacao tree cultivation, as well as having two sustainability initiatives: ecological and social. Cabruca cacao tree cultivation naturally maintains the biomass of the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon", comments Milena Boggio, Export Manager at Harald, which will also present a new addition to the ‘Decorations and Food Service’ line, all within the Unique product line.

With strong notes, Brazilian chocolate is made with a special raw material: the single origin cacao, with most of its production concentrated in southern Bahia. "The chocolates produced with single origin cacao are made in a manner that attempts to preserve the specific flavors and aromas contributed by the varieties of the fruit, the climate and the soil characteristics - something similar to that which occurs with wine and grapes", comments Ivan Blumenschein, Production Director at Nugali Chocolates.

The brand will be present at the Sweets&Snacks Expo, showing a series of newly launched products, all made with unique single origin cacao as well as ingredients with Brazilian appeal, such as the Cacau em Flor with acai brittle, the Dragée Cacao, and the Sugar free (Zero Açucar) 70% Cacao, for example.

Besides chocolate, candies such as toffees, gums and lollipops, for example, will be highlighted in the main event of sweet and snacks.

Sweets&Snacks – Chicago (USA)

Sponsored by the National Confectioners’ Association, the Sweets & Snacks Expo is the main world class event for the sweets and snacks industries, being the only event that represents the principal confectionery and snack distribution channels from the United States in a single location. At the 2014 edition, more than 15,000 qualified professionals visited and interacted with the 90 participating countries and 620 exhibiting companies, distributed over 30 thousand square meters.