Sweet Brasil
07/01/2015 Products

Brazilian candy with single origin flavors and a touch of creativity

The recipe of quality & inspiration results in typically national products, ready to win over palates from around the world

Brazil has a series of ingredients that offer great potential in sweet production, and the candy market is no different. Part of the industry knows how to use the best of local raw materials to create delicious sweets and also transform them with unique fillings.

Uniting Acai with Guarana (both native fruits of the Amazon Rainforest), for example, a concept of ´Brazilianness´ from Peccin as a candy filling, which offers more than just delicious flavor, but also contains antioxidants and energetic values.

This is because acai berry, considered the king of the superfruits, contains properties such as fatty acids, omega and fiber, and also Guarana (with production concentrated in Bahia), which contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline (contributing to the improvement of the cognitive ability, memory and good moods). "Our product has an added mix of the main vitamins found in acai, and we use natural aromas. The packaging concept was developed from the idea of sophistication, while also adding a subtle hint of ´Brazilianness´ to the brand, aiming to improve its strength and international visibility," comments Alain Wehbe, Export manager at Peccin.

In addition to these superfruits, pineapple, cupuaçu, coconut from Bahia, cashews, milk, caramel and nuts are just some of the fruits and ingredients added to the creativity and technical quality, resulting in products that are winning over not only Brazilians, but also consumers in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, United States, and Angola, among others, as is the case with Berbau’s candy. "Berbau developed a candy called Delícia Cashew Nut, which is a premium product, produced with high quality ingredients that is winning over consumer palates in some countries," comments Daniela Pernambuco, Export Manager at Berbau.

Speaking of cashews, the fruit has a higher level of vitamin C content than orange and is a rich source of mineral salts, which help to lower cholesterol in the blood. Brazilian cashew production is mainly concentrated in the states of Ceará, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia.

Other companies such as Docile, Embaré, Candy Pop, Dori, Aladim, Prodasa, Riclan and Simas offer different versions of candy, lollipops, gums and caramels, from typical Brazilian fruits and flavors that are appealing due to their shape, filling and packaging and can be found at http://sweetbrasil.org.br/suppliers.