Sweet Brasil
01/31/2015 Events

Brazilian confectionery industry will take 16 new releases to the ISM 2015

Brazil will once again present the very best of the industry together with the country’s most unique feature: the spirit of love and happiness!


For the 33rd consecutive year, ABICAB (the Brazilian Association of Cocao, Chocolates, Peanuts, Candy and Byproducts Industry) and Apex-Brasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) will attend ISM - International Sweets and Biscuits Fair in Cologne, Germany, by way of the sector project ‘Sweet Brasil’ a partnership between ABICAB and APEX-Brasil, aiming to increase confectionery exportation. Brazil will be represented by 17 exporting companies, all of which aim to show the international market the originality of their products in various aspects such as, sophistication, classic ingredients, adaptations for international legislation, design etc.

Two new products will be shown at ISM’s New Product Showcase, which could catch the attention of the 2015 edition visitors, are Paçoquita by Santa Helena and Freegells Naturals by Riclan. "Foreign consumers adore Paçoquita, however they often do not know how to handle the product, for example. This year we will present a special edition, which comes with 16 units of rectangular shaped Paçoquita, packaged in a sophisticated box accompanied by a book full of information and explanations about Paçoca, its ingredients, the handling of this delicate sweet, the Brazilian tradition, suggestions of how to combine it such as with ice cream and cappuccino for example, and the preferences of Brazilian consumers etc. We will present a product, which is considered to be a premium gift in Brazil and is already available in some specialized and gourmet food shops. It is an excellent gift option for those who visit Brazil and want to share a little of our flavor with their loved ones", comments Daniela Zanin, Product Manager at Santa Helena.

Regarding "adaptations for international legislation", Riclan will present the new edition of its candy Freegells Naturals in four different flavors: extra-strong natural, eucalyptus, cherry and citrus. The "natural" version of the traditional Brazilian candy relates to the colors and the natural aromas, which meet European legislation. "We have not only adapted our product for the European market but also for other markets that seek healthier products. In Brazil the demand for health products is also growing", explains Romualdo Silva, Foreign Trade Director at Riclan.

In addition to these, visitors at ISM 2015 will be able to enjoy other important products in the Brazilian Pavilion, such as the Cacau em Flor Açaí chocolate which is part of the Cacau em Flor line from Nugali, a dark chocolate that consists of 70% cacao with acai berry brittle. The Cacau em Flor Açaí chocolate explores the Brazilian flavor of Nugali Chocolates and is produced with the award winning scented cacao, cultivated under the shade of native trees in Bahia, contributing to the preservation of the Atlantic Forest. The acai berry, a fruit derived from an Amazonian palm tree, gives the chocolate a unique Brazilian flavor with strong fruity notes.


Paréo (or Sarong for Brazilians)

This year ABICAB - Sweet Brasil will show the visitors of ISM 2015 the best of the Brazilian "Sweets and Snacks" industry in a creative and very unusual way.

The concept of “paréo”, known as a sarong in Brazil, was developed because the beaches are one of the main attractions sought out and thoroughly enjoyed by foreigners, understandably so as they are the scene of exuberant natural landscapes and happiness of the Brazilian people. The paréo, or sarong, will have an image of a Brazilian beach Copacabana and will involve the candies into the image. It will be tied up and contain a tag with a QR Code linking to the companies’ profiles on the Sweet Brasil website.


In the 2014 edition of ISM, the 18 Brazilian companies that participated in the fair closed approximately US$ 5 million of business deals, and gained more than US$ 18 million in business prospects.


In 2014, the Brazilian Confectionery Industry exported US$ 269.1 million from January to December, which is equivalent to approximately 108 thousand tons of products. The volume of peanut-based product exports had 6% of the market share, but Brazilian candy still represents the biggest demand in international markets with a volume of 14.67% of the market share, from January to December.

Within this period, the main continents to receive Brazilian products were South America (US$ 142.9 million), Africa (US$ 41.9 million) and North America (US$ 34.4 million).

From the 1st - 4th February ABICAB will be in Hall 5.2 at the Sweet Brasil Pavilion and with the Sweet Brasil institutional stand F-011.