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04/09/2014 Industry


Seal guarantees Brazilian peanut quality.

The Brazilian peanuts excellence that, besides being very tasty, has protein, energy and functional values, is internationally recognized. A major reason for this success is the Pro-Peanut Quality Certified Seal by Abicab (Brazilian Cocoa, Chocolate, Peanut and Candies Manufacturers Association) or simply Pro-Peanut Seal, which guarantees the quality and safety of the product consumed commonly in Brazil by 66% of its population.

The Seal is a certification granted by the Pro-Peanut Program, created by Abicab in 2001 in order to regulate the sector and make it increasingly stronger. The aim is to guarantee to the market a global safety standard peanut, especially with regard to the aflatoxin, a substance that can cause diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis and nervous disorders. The monitoring activity is based on periodic audits on plants and points of sales, which include laboratory tests accredited by INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology).

Currently, the Program has nine member companies (Agtal, Amenbra, Dori, Da Colonia, Kuky, Malta & Rezende, Santa Helena, Doces Valencio and Yoki) that, in an agreement with the Abicab, are committed to keeping an ethical industrial behavior, represented by a set of measures that guarantees sanitary quality and product compliance with technical regulations. On the whole, the checklist for audit takes 15 items into account: Good Manufacturing Practices; Buildings and facilities; Process flow; Process controls; Reception; Laboratory of analyzes and quality control; Handling of non-conformities; Storage and preservation; Cleaning and disinfection; Personnel; Pest control; Environment; Traceability; Suppliers; Preliminary Steps and HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

The Pro-Peanut Seal is one of the greatest achievements of the Brazilian industry of goodies. This Seal is the guarantee of quality and safety for the consumer and for the entire market.