Sweet Brasil
08/01/2016 Companies


Of the people who, during the period of 5th – 21st August, will be following the 306 events, in 42 modalities at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, around 500,000 will be foreign tourists. A substantial number of people, who will discover a little about the Brazilian culture, diversity, and the Brazilian way, and who can also be won over by Brazilian flavors. It is this opportunity to present Brazilian sweets that some companies are enjoying.

Santa Helena, has developed two campaigns related to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The first was to launch a special edition of the Paçoquita Mini, which includes collectable cards with interesting facts and information about the Olympic Games, and is a product that is already available in shops throughout Brazil. The other campaign, which is more focused on the foreign public, will be Santa Helena’s participation in Casa Brasil - Espaço Casa Touring, by way of a partnership with The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), in which there will be sampling of Brazilian products.

There we will present the Paçoquita, a traditional peanut based sweet in its international packaging, and carrying out sampling every day throughout the event”, states Mirella Figueiredo, Export Manager at Santa Helena.

Aquim, based in Rio de Janeiro and responsible for the ‘Chocolate Q’ brand, is preparing to receive a larger number of clients in their three shops in the Olympic Games capital (Ipanema, Village Mall, in Barra da Tijuca and the Galeão Airport), increasing their team of sales staff and altering their opening hours, as well as increasing their production by approximately 60% to restock these shops. The packaging will have a tag with the phrase “Rio 2016: eu fui” (Rio 2016: I was there”), as well as using images of Rio de Janeiro, that are already part of their image. Everything possible to encourage tourists to take the chocolates home as a souvenir.

It’s a unique moment for Brazil, especially for Rio de Janeiro, in which we will have an enormous influx of visitors, a large part of whom will be foreign tourists. The eyes of the world will be here and this will be an excellent opportunity to show off our product and increase our sales volume. Additionally, corporate sales also tend to have a considerable increase, as there is a lot of interest in meeting clients and contacts who will be in Brazil at this time”, explains Rodrigo Aquim, CEO of the company.

Traditionally in the Olympic Games, the national houses of the participating countries put on a great multicultural panorama for all to see. In Rio 2016, of the 54 houses that will be set up, two will be for Brazil, whose expectation is to receive approximately 2 million visitors. The other houses will be from 18 other countries (some of which will have more than one house) and one house dedicated to the African continent.