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Ind. Torrone N. S. de Montevergine Ltda

Montevérgine is a Brazilian company and family business with over 50 years of experience in the market. Nowadays we produce over 180 products, sold throughout the country, we are present in larger chains supermecado and export to over 15 countries. We have over 500 employees in an industrial park with the latest equipment and modern distribution center, responsible for all merchandise outlets. Our main export market is Europe, where 100% of which is exported is our line Nougat Bar. This year we started a work focused on exports, since we still have plenty of room to grow, and we believe that by 2015 we will have better results.


Nougat Bar Peanuts, Nougat Bar Cashew Nuts, Chocolates, Cherry Chocolate, Easter Products, Xmans Products, Cereal Bar, Fruit Bar, Waffer Rols.


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