Sweet Brasil

Jazam Alimentos

Jazam started exporting about 12 years ago. By doing so, it got into the foreign market, following international trends of products, norms, demands. It’s totally focused on product innovation in order to bring winning and selling products into the company. Nowadays, quality is a real demand of the market. For this reason, Jazam concentrates its efforts in developing delicious products, which are produced with high technology, innovation and strict control in production processes. All this just to provide satisfaction and safety to our customers, with the guarantee of quality and to exceed the expectations of its customers and final consumers.


Ducrem (hazelnut cream) with the flavors Napolitano (three flavors in one: chocolate, strawberry and milk), Hazelnut (Hazelnut crean with White Chocolate), Condensed Milk (Hazelnut cream with Condensed Milk); Ducrem Love (Hazelnut cream in a heart format with chocolate, strawberry and milk flavors); Ducrem Ball (Hazelnut cream in a ball format with White chocolate and chocolate with hazelnut flavor); Pingo de Leite Traditional (Milk Sticks); Pingo de Leite (Milk Sticks) with Peanut; Pingo de Leite (Milk Sticks) with Cappuccino flavor; Coloreti (Chocolate Compound Lentils); Coloreti Amore (Chocolate Compound Lentils in a heart format); Coloreti Ball (Rice Crispies with Chocolate Compound); Croc Choc Chocolate flavor (Chocolate Compound coating and filling); Crocante (Peanut Crunch); Tubitos (Sweet Peanut); Paçoquinha (Square Sweet Peanut); E Show Chocolate flavor (Chocolate Compound Rolls); E Show White Chocolate flavor (White Chocolate Compound Rolls); Bolitas (Chocolate Compound Balls);

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