Sweet Brasil

Balas Santa Rita Rits

We are a company with over 65 years experience in the market. Focused on product quality and respect with consumers. We currently have over 250 employees and average daily production of 60 tons/day. Our Mission: Offer the Candy market high quality products, with innovation, meeting the expectations of employees, customers, clients and shareholders Our Values:  Clarity in relationships.  Commitment to the customer.  Professional ethics.  Respect and loyalty to our identity.  Focus on quality. Our Vision: Be among five biggest Candy industry in market share and sales in Brazil by 2016


Lollipops, filled lollipops. Soft candies: Fruits (banana, green apple, pineapple, strawberry, grape, raspberry) Assorted Fruit Sorrel (tangerine, green apple, grape, strawberry, watermelon, cherry) chewable mint Tutti Frutti, Toffee (milk, coconut, chocolare) Assorted toffee milk Hard candies: mint coffee peanut cinnamon Hard candy filled baskets: strawberry mint coconuts honey assorted Filled hard candies: Assorted: (Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple) Icy hard candies: eucalyptus cherry lemon grape strawberry Eucalyptus Extra Strong assorted Icy hard candy stuffed: Assorted (Melon, Strawberry and Chocolate, and Chocolate Mint, Mango) Hard candy stuffed chewing gum: mint Tutti Frutti, assorted caramels: milk chocolate half half milk chocolate

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