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Banana Brasil

THE COMPANY The concern for the well-being of our employees, customers and clients, as well as the commitment to environmental and social responsibilities are part of our work philosophy. Learn more about our history and understand why our brand is increasingly recognized. Based on values that attention to people, nature conservation and customer satisfaction are always first, the company acts excellently in this segment, featuring as the company with the greatest variety of bars. Its products have no preservatives and maintains a strict quality standard. Established on April 1st 1985, Banana Brasil started its activities limited to dehydration of fruits, especially bananas, one of the largest wealth grown in the area. A pioneer in the segment of fruit bars, nowadays the company has got a variety of bars in the national market including seeds and cereals, always offering balance, health and wellness. Bold, dynamic, daring and above all cutting edge, Banana Brasil has therefore more than 25 years of history that guarantee the necessary knowledge to produce healthy products and ensuring customer satisfaction. With its philosophy of offering wellness and support to healthy practices, it commercializes more than 15 products that carry this brand throughout Brazil. Target To be recognized nationally as a leader in the market of innovative and healthy food products. Mission Research and market groundbreaking products for a practical and healthy diet.


DRIED BANANA 86g SUPINO Traditional with milk chocolate SUPINO Traditional with milk SUPINO LIGHT with milky banana and white chocolate SUPINO LIGHT with milky banana SUPINO LIGHT with banana and prunes SUPINO LIGHT with banana and fibers LEVITTA with sesam seeds and linseed LEVITTA with sesam seeds and cashew nuts LEVITTA with sesam seeds and quinoa LEVITTA sesam seeds LEVITTÁ with sesame seeds and cocoa LEVITTÁ with multigrain seeds LEVITTA with peanuts LEVITTA with fruit mix NUTS BAR with Brazilian nuts and seeds NUTS BAR with Brazilian nuts and fruits SUPINO PROTEIN bar with chocolate SUPINO PROTEIN bar with vanilla/cookies SUPINO PROTEIN bar with Brazilian nuts/caramel TABLETE cashew nuts bar w/coffee and milk chocolate TABLETE guava bar TABLETE banana bar TABLETE dulce le leche bar LEVITTÁ COOKIES banana with amaranthus LEVITTA COOKIES cocoa with quinoa LEVITTÁ COOKIES lemon with chia

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