Sweet Brasil

Banana Brasil

State: Santa Catarina
Products: DRIED BANANA 86g SUPINO Traditional with milk chocolate SUPINO Traditional with milk SUPINO LIGHT with milky banana and white chocolate SUPINO LIGHT with milky banana SUPINO LIGHT with banana and prunes SUPINO LIGHT with banana and fibers LEVITTA with sesam seeds and linseed LEVITTA with sesam seeds and cashew nuts LEVITTA with sesam seeds and quinoa LEVITTA sesam seeds LEVITTÁ with sesame seeds and cocoa LEVITTÁ with multigrain seeds LEVITTA with peanuts LEVITTA with fruit mix NUTS BAR with Brazilian nuts and seeds NUTS BAR with Brazilian nuts and fruits SUPINO PROTEIN bar with chocolate SUPINO PROTEIN bar with vanilla/cookies SUPINO PROTEIN bar with Brazilian nuts/caramel TABLETE cashew nuts bar w/coffee and milk chocolate TABLETE guava bar TABLETE banana bar TABLETE dulce le leche bar LEVITTÁ COOKIES banana with amaranthus LEVITTA COOKIES cocoa with quinoa LEVITTÁ COOKIES lemon with chia
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Cacau Show

State: São Paulo
Products: We are passionate about chocolate. This mentality is translated in the quality of our products - everything we create has a handmade appearance, a proper human touch. We strive every day to discover new flavors and sensations that can change and enrich our consumer's experience! Cacau Show is the biggest fine chocolate company in the world, with more than 2,000 stores throughout Brazil. We operate under a franchisee business model spreading the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Alexandre Costa, to thousands of smaller entrepreneurs. We are the only brand in Brazil specialized in fine chocolates that handles the entire product cycle, going even beyond the “Bean to Bar” concept to be considered a specialist “From Tree to Store”. We have the knowledge from the cocoa farm, going through the whole production process, to the sale of products to our customers. This whole process intends to make a connection between the chocolatier and the cocoa farmer, which expands and disseminates the company's knowledge about the cocoa culture. Mission Provide a memorable experience and excellence in products and services to the maximum number of people, being a reference in the management of the chocolate business. Vision Be the biggest and best fine chocolates chain of stores in the world, offering to customers and partners a lasting relationship, focusing on growth, profitability and environmental responsibility. Core Values Ethics, respect and honesty, commitment to growth and results, innovation, incentive and recognition to individual development, caring about people and details.
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Chocolates Garoto S.A.

State: Espírito Santo

Chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate sticks, culinary chocolate (covertures, chocolate powder and cocoa powder), candy bars, chocolate Easter eggs and hard candies.

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