Sweet Brasil

Gulosina Alimentos

State: Paraná

Brazilian Marshmallow: Gelatin candy with pink and white layer, strawberry and vanilla flavored. It is a traditional Family recipe, made in an artisanal way since 1975. This candy has a pleasant and unique smoothie texture. Gluten free. Peanut candy / Home made: Candy made by toasted and chopped peanut, with a soft texture. It is traditionally known as ‘paçoca caseira’. This candy requires a special carefully in its prepared, since the raw material selection, until the artisanal mode of production. Peanut Crunch: Peanut candy made by the whole grain and caramelized sugar, deliciously crunch. Gluten free. “Gulosita”: The combination of toasted and ground peanut with sugar and salt, gives the melt-in-the-mouth texture. Gluten free. Peanut Milk Candy: A tasteful combination – half peanut and half milk candies, prepared carefully, with a unique flavor and soft texture. Fruit Gum: Two layers of fruit gum – red and White, raspberry and pineapple flavored, wrapped with granulated sugar. Gluten free. Banana candy: Banana pulp, cover with granulated sugar. Banana is a tropical fruit rich in fibers, vitamins and potassium. Gluten free. Milk Fondant: Milk fondant candy, prepared carefully, with a unique flavor and smoothie texture. It melts in the mouth. Powernut: Peanut paste. Healthy food - No sugar, gluten free and 0% sodium. It is ideal for physical activity practitioners and source of protein and energy. It’s great as an ingredient for cooking. 100% peanut.

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