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Chocolate Q

More than a simple product, Q Chocolate is a dream and a project for the Aquim family. A vision foreseeing a new market for the chocolate industry. A market that would move around cocoa´s quality and real flavor. Where chocolate lovers would not dream about Willy Wonka´s factory, but the tropical rainforest where cocoa grows. A world of birds, flowers, plants and trees instead of snow and Alpine cottages. To make chocolate we only need good cocoa and sugar. This is the main recipe, the simplest, the healthier and the best for a more inspiring world of aromas and flavors.


Developed after a long period of research and discoveries, Q Chocolate is the first chocolate to rescue cocoa beans’ original taste. Made from fine cocoa almonds selected on the organic Leolinda Farm in Ilheus (located in the northern state of Bahia), Q Collection is affordable to all chocolate lovers. The collection is sold in bars of 5, 25 and 50 grams and was designed to reach a broader clientele of chocolate enthusiasts. Made with no artificial flavouring or essence, this bar bears only cocoa paste (so called cocoa liquor), cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar. The chocolate comes in six levels of cocoa paste and is divided into “suaves” (soft – 55%, 60% and 65%) and “intensos” (intense – 75%, 80% and 85%). The Q process, created and pioneered by the Aquim family, allows the cocoa flavour to appear and flourish in its true identity. Once you try a bar of Q you will be reminded that chocolate is made from a tropical fruit and the subtle notes of dried banana, mango and passion fruit will bring you even closer to the rainforest. Q Collection´s packaging rescues the spectacular scenery of plants and animals of cocoa forests amidst the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. By looking at the prints of the Q packaging, one will get acquainted not only with the beautiful features of flowers and fruits on the cocoa farm, but also the bromeliads, armadillos, monkeys and birds that inhabit the cocoa plantation in Leolinda Farm. A work as delicate and detailed that was awarded with the Bronze Lion at Cannes Festival in 2013. Besides having already won the international market, Q Collection are currently available at Aquim stores in Brazil, at Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges in London and Marcel´s in the USA. www.chocolateq.com www.facebook.com/chocolateqaquim www.instagram.com/chcocolateqaquim

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