Sweet Brasil


One of the leading producers of powdered soft drinks and nut-based snacks in Brazil. It develops, manufacturers, commercializes and distributes powdered soft drinks, isotonics, a diversified portfolio of peanuts and chestnut-based snacks that ranges from simple roasted nuts to higher value-added products. The company currently offers approximately 250 SKUs, been 9 third party private labels with 70 SKUs. With over 4,500 direct customers the company is a strong platform to capitalize in the Brazilian consumer food market. The company is composed by 2 production plants and 4 own Distribution Centers in Brazil with a total of over 550 employees. Strong product develop capability to adapt to an specific market and country. We export to Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Canada, Congo, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Fiji Island, Grenada and French Guiana.


Mixed nuts bar, mixed nuts, Brasilian salted peanuts japanese type, salted peanuts, melnuts peanuts with honey, crunchy corn snack and UP crunchy peanuts (flavors). Powder juice, Isosport Isotonic and Lank Colagen with tea.

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