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In 1970, the Sugayamas were the first in ‘Mocotó’ candy production – a typical and traditional brazilian candy (kind of marshmallow), in Paraná state. The Market of the products happened during years by Mr. Yoshio Sugayama. In 1995, occurred the begin oh the society with the three families, which came back from Japan, continuing the production and comercialization of the mocotó candy. From this partnership, with strong determination, Gulosina was created. Searching for the growing and marketplace, there was the mix increasing and it started the peanuts and milk candies production. Since 1995, Gulosina has developing candies that offer an unforgettable flavor experience to its consumers. Located in north of Paraná, South of Brazil, the company guarantee the distribution of its 90 items in all Brazil territory, through the wholesale and retail markets. The peanuts products, marshmallow – or mocotó candy, fruit and banana candy, are artisanal processed, keeping the quality and excelence of Gulosina’s products.


Brazilian Marshmallow: Gelatin candy with pink and white layer, strawberry and vanilla flavored. It is a traditional Family recipe, made in an artisanal way since 1975. This candy has a pleasant and unique smoothie texture. Gluten free. Peanut candy / Home made: Candy made by toasted and chopped peanut, with a soft texture. It is traditionally known as ‘paçoca caseira’. This candy requires a special carefully in its prepared, since the raw material selection, until the artisanal mode of production. Peanut Crunch: Peanut candy made by the whole grain and caramelized sugar, deliciously crunch. Gluten free. “Gulosita”: The combination of toasted and ground peanut with sugar and salt, gives the melt-in-the-mouth texture. Gluten free. Peanut Milk Candy: A tasteful combination – half peanut and half milk candies, prepared carefully, with a unique flavor and soft texture. Fruit Gum: Two layers of fruit gum – red and White, raspberry and pineapple flavored, wrapped with granulated sugar. Gluten free. Banana candy: Banana pulp, cover with granulated sugar. Banana is a tropical fruit rich in fibers, vitamins and potassium. Gluten free. Milk Fondant: Milk fondant candy, prepared carefully, with a unique flavor and smoothie texture. It melts in the mouth. Powernut: Peanut paste. Healthy food - No sugar, gluten free and 0% sodium. It is ideal for physical activity practitioners and source of protein and energy. It’s great as an ingredient for cooking. 100% peanut.

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