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At Espírito Cacau chocolate, cocoa, forest and man are in perfect harmony. Espírito Cacau brings an innovative concept to market: Functional and natural products based on single-origin chocolate – the most refined flavor and aroma of its homeland, Espírito Santo. THE DIFFERENCE It starts in the plantation Espírito Cacau has a high cocoa percentage content, developed with superior quality from the fruit plantation in our farms to the final product. Made with a rigorous almond premium selection, produced with controlled fermentation then dried in greenhouses, the result is a healthy chocolate rich in flavor and aroma. The cocoa cultivation is made with distinct plants, then fertilized and irrigated under severe technical control. Such fact enhances a special and unique characteristic in our products, known as terroir; our beans perfectly balance the flavor and the quality only our farms embraced by the Rio Doce (Doce River) may offer. As we are committed to the environment, our cocoa trees mingle under the Atlantic Forest shade. Tradition, knowledge and know-how Combined to produce chocolate with excellence. The product was recognized as Cocoa of Excellence by the International Cocoa Awards, a certificate granted by fine chocolate world market leaders and specialized institutions, as the Parisian Salon du Chocolat, the biggest gourmet and origin food showcase in the world. Paulo Gonçalves, founder of Cacau Espírito, is an entrepreneur who comes from a long line of expertise in cocoa cultivation and fine chocolate production. His knowledge and know-how were acquired through constant researches in different countries, in the plantations, in labs and in specific literature. Flavor and aroma Regarding health. Espírito Cacau has a high cocoa percentage content, a fruit with higher antioxidant concentration than any other natural food on Earth. There is also a great source of minerals such as magnesium, iron and chromium. Besides, it also contains anandamide – endorphin naturally created by the human body when excited – exclusively found in one plant: cocoa, the great secret of cheerful people! Additionally, our products are free from hydrogenated oils, artificial flavorings, emulsifiers as PGPR, stabilizers and artificial preservatives. The only fat used is the cocoa butter, beneficial and also rich in antioxidants and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it helps reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels as it increases the good cholesterol (HDL). The benefits from such divine food are numerous. Get to know some of them: - High Defenses: A research carried out at the University of Barcelona in Spain has proved that chocolate consumption enhances our defensive cells - the T Cells. - It protects the heart from strong feelings: A research conducted at the University Hospital Cologne in Germany reveals: A high cocoa content diet lows the blood pressure levels, reducing the risks of strokes due to catechins, a type of flavonoid found in the cocoa seeds. - A sweet addiction: chocolate is a sweet addiction which can pleasantly be fed with no feelings of guilt. A Japanese research published at the American journal Nutrition has investigated the role of procyanidin, another chocolate component, in diabetes type 2 control. This substance improves the insulin effectiveness, lowering the blood sugar level. - “People who eat chocolate have less diabetes and less cardiovascular diseases.” Dr. Alfredo Halpern (Bem Estar – a Brazilian TV program about health and welfare). - Cancer prevention: Procyanidins, some of the molecules found in cocoa, have antioxidant properties which according to researchers of Georgetown University in the U.S.A., protect the cells from tumor degenerations. - Combined with a Diet: “Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a type of amine which acts in the brain making us less eager to eat.” Dr. Alfredo Halpern (Bem Estar) - Health for Moms-to-be: A research undertaken at Yale University, in the U.S.A., suggests that a daily diet of chocolate prevents pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy disorder characterized by high blood pressure. The responsible component for such benefit is called theobromine. - Elixir of Beauty: besides being a beauty accomplice, chocolate delays skin aging, improves hair texture and strengthen nails. Due to the antioxidants present in the cocoa liquor and to their anti-inflammatory activities, eating chocolate prevents free radical damages, stimulates the collagen production and fights the unwelcome cellulites. Food for a good mood: Two substances present in the cocoa seeds (Noleoletanolamina e N-linoleoiletanolamina) stabilize the anandamides, a substance produced by our brain, responsible for natural happiness, enabling painkiller, anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. Additionally it also contains phenylalanine and tyrosine, precursor amino acids of dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters responsible for motivation, satisfaction and pleasure. The daily consumption of 30 to 40g* of Espírito Cacau chocolate brings all of these benefits along with a lot of pleasure. *recommended by dietitians and cardiologists. We also have a special series of products for people who may have celiac disease or may be lactose intolerant, due to constant research in the development of gluten and dairy free new products. (Imagem – Dairy free) (Imagem – Gluten free) Products At the Espírito Cacau store you find functional and natural products based on single-origin chocolate. Our stars are the high content of cocoa liquor. 31 % Cocoa Milk chocolate with high cocoa content Yes, it does exist. It is the 31% Cocoa - Milk Chocolate series. Produced with high quality whole milk. Tasty and smooth, feel the creamy chocolate made with cocoa butter 100%, beneficial for the heart. Gluten free. 46% Chocolate with high cocoa content It is the perfect match between bitter and sweet. Healthy and full of scent, contains no hydrogenated oils, made entirely with cocoa butter, extracted from such fruit of gods, rich in flavonoids. No milk or gluten. Ideal for lactose intolerants, celiacs and people in search of flavor and health. 70% Dark chocolate with high cocoa content Pure health. Strong as the Aztec gods relished. Recommended by cardiologists and dietitians, 30g daily is ideal to keep yourself young, cheerful and in good spirits. It is healthy not fattening. It provides the right amount energy necessary. No milk or gluten. Ideal for lactose intolerants, celiacs and people in search of flavor and health. The store also offers gourmet chocolate bonbons and truffles, developed along the high content of cocoa chocolate series with natural fillings. Dragee almonds as Brazil nut, cashew nuts, raisins and macadamia nuts, covered by our chocolate compound a healthy diet. Ice-creams inspired by the most refined Italian standard, a natural and handmade way to produce. Gelatos and Sorbet’s with pure cocoa butter, fresh light milk cream and natural fruits, highlighting the local producers. Totally artificial color and preservatives free. We also have a series of products for lactose intolerants. Gourmet coffee from the mountains of Espírito Santo, or capixabas mountains, as it is called here. 100% arabica cherry beans with no pulp, provided by one single producer, supervised and roasted at Espírito Cacau. Many beverages, cakes, sandwiches, snacks sum up our menu, which was developed regarding mainly health, and certainly, flavor and aroma.


31% Cocoa Milk Chocolate bars 30 g (1,05 Oz) 46% Semisweet Chocolate bars with higt cocoa content 30 g (1,05 Oz) 70% Semisweet Chocolate bars with higt cocoa content 30 g (1,05 Oz) 31% Cocoa Milk Chocolate bars 100 g (3,52Oz) 46% Semisweet Chocolate bars with higt cocoa content 100 g (3,52Oz) 70% Semisweet Chocolate bars with higt cocoa content 100 g (3,52Oz)

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