Sweet Brasil


Mavalério is a Brazilian company, established in 1969, already with a vocation for the business in the sweet and confectionery markets. Throughout all these years, the company has been growing and innovating, offering to the domestic and international markets the most diverse and tasty products, which helped the company become the largest manufacturer of decorative confectionery in Latin America. Nowadays, Mavalério is installed in an area of more than 22.000 m², where 15.000 m² of the constructed area is shared between production, administration and logistics, and the remaining part is reserved for future expansions. With this structure, the company is able to meet its strategic development and commitment plan, focused on the commercialization of high quality products. And all this work has been done with much dedication and attention, as Mavalério’s greater commitment is to continue being present in the sweet moments of the life of its employees, customers, consumers and partners. Mavalério acts strongly on the export market and is present in over 20 countries including the United States, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Korea, Fiji, Japan, among others. Besides being one of the most important segment industries operating in Brazil, and known as the largest producer of decorative confectionary in Latin America, Mavalério’s experience in other markets allows developments that meet different demands and cultures, with high standard quality, to represent the Brazilian industry with excellence in other markets.


Chocolates Chocolatier : Milk chocolate; Dark Chocolate; White Chocolate. Sprinkles Hard: Rainbow Sprinkles; Yellow Sprinkles; Blue Sprinkles; White Sprinkles; Pink Sprinkles; Green Sprinkles; Red Sprinkles; Hard Chocolate Flavored Flakes; Hard Chocolate Flavored Sprinkles. Confectionery Nonpareils: White Nonpareils; Rainbow Nonpareils; Red Nonpareils; Red / Green Nonpareils; Yellow Nonpareils; Pink Nonpareils; Blue Nonpareils; Mauve; Orange Nonpareils; Black Nonpareils. Silver Dragées: Silver Dragées Nº1; Silver Dragées Nº2. Chocolates Nonpareils. Shapes: Alphabet Shapes; Sequin Shapes; Lips Shapes; Mini Sequin Shapes; Butterflay Shapes; Star Shapes; Hearte Shapes; Seabed Shapes; Number Shapes; Flower Shapes; White, Blue and Purple Star Shapes. Special Dragées: Mini Cereal Covered with Milk and White Chocolate Compound; Cereal Covered with Milke Chocolate Compound; Micro Ceral Covered with Milk and White Chololate Compound; Mini Cereal Covered wiht White Chocolate Compound; Micro Ceral with Chocolate Compound Raibow. Buttons: Yellow Mini Chocolate Buttons; Blue Mini Chocolate Buttons; Pink Mini Chocolate Buttons; Red Mini Chocolate Buttons. Colored Sugar: Yellow Sugar; Blue Sugar; White Sugar; Red Sugar; Pink Sugar; Green Sugar; Orange Sugar; Black Sugar.

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