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Riclan S.A.

Founded in 1944 in the city of Rio Claro, located in the State of São Paulo, Riclan is a 100% Brazilian-owned company with an operating capacity of 300 tons/day. Riclan has a complete portfolio that is both modern and competitive, including drops, hard candies, soft candies, milk caramels, lollipops, gum, chewing gum and cereal bars. With one of most important brands of drops in the Brazilian market, the drops Freegells, Riclan is also a strong competitor in the character licensing segment, and home to classics such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Hello Kitty, as well as Disney characters, and personalities from hit TV-series and movies. Exporting since 1973, Riclan was the first candy company, operating on 100% Brazilian capital, to start an export venture, beginning with the demanding US market. Participation in international fairs (ISM, SIAL, Gulfood, Sweets And Snacks and ANUGA) creates constant opportunities for Riclan to expand its international business, in addition to promoting exchange of information on important industry-wide developments and the latest consumer trends.


Drops, hard candy, sugar free chewing candy, milk toffees, starch and gelatin jelly, filled bubble gum, filled and non-filled chewy candy and lollipops.


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