Sweet Brasil

Santa Helena Ind. de Alimentos S.A.

Santa Helena was established in 1942 and has grown a lot over the years, becoming one of the largest Brazilian companies specialized in peanuts. Responsible for most of the Brazilian production of such grain and a market leader in several categories, it complies with the highest quality standards and uses high technologies, which allows it to export its products to several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Concerned about the future, Santa Helena operates sustainably, using water consciously and using renewable energy sources and reforestation wood. The company also seeks a better future for the community, and therefore encourages children and young people in school and in sports, while also supporting social institutions in the region, with donations of products and resources. All that to always offer differentiated experiences, safety and confidence to consumers, in and out of Brazil! To learn more visit: www.santahelena.com


Candies: Paçoquita Peanut Candy bar (Brazilian Tradition); Crokatto Peanut Candy bar (Peanut brittle); Doce Tradição peanut candy bar ( Homemade style); Paçoquita Peanut Chewy Candy Snacks: Mendorato japanese style peanut; Crokíssimo flavored crunchy peanut; Amindu’s flavored peanuts; Grelhaditos salted n roasted peanuts; Sugar Free: Zero Sugar Peanut Candy bar; Zero Sugar Coconut Candy Bar; Zero Sugar Coconut with Peanut Candy Bar; Zero Sugar Peanut Brittle; Zero Sugar Paçoquita Peanut Candy Bar; Zero Sugar Paçoquita with oat.


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