Sweet Brasil

Vonpar Alimentos S.A.

The first European immigrants arrived in Brazil bringing along the recipe of real chocolate. In 1891 Franz Neugebauer , Max Neugebauer and Fritz Gerhardt founded in Porto Alegre the Neugebauer Brothers & Gerard Company, the first chocolate company in Brazil. The formula of the Neugebauer chocolate was soon a success among consumers: creamy and soft, the chocolate melted in people’s mouth with a very distinctive flavor. The company continuously invested in high quality and innovation winning the consumers preference with products such as Bib´s, Stikadinho and Amor Carioca. In 2010, Neugebauer is acquired by the Vonpar Group, creating along with Wallerius Candies and the milk brand Mu-Mu the Vonpar Food division. In 2013, Neugebauer inaugurates one of the most modern factories in the world. With the latest equipment, the company is allowed greater innovation and production efficiency. The products are distributed throughout Brazil through 3 Distribution Centers and and are exported to over 40 countries around the world.


Chocolate bars, bonbons, lollipops, candy and bubble-gum.


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