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Our history Since 1976 in Food market, the ZDA group has started its activities with the brand “Bel”, name given by the founder Paulo Sergio Zaparolli Dedemo in honor to his wife Isabel. At the beginning, the firm produced sweets, as peanut brittle and peanuts. The manufacturing changed its course over time for a specific market of candy bars. This bold vision brought new investments, strong partners and today the ZDA Group is a reference in Candy, Snacks and Dairy market, serving its clients with excellence. Nowadays the Group has four brands: Bel, Hércules, Ailiram and Diatt. It is a privately held group, that remains until today as a family enterprise and has professional management. It is present in the whole of Brazil, in addition to export to over 20 countries. It has two manufacturing facilities, the Candies & Snacks unit located in Marilia-SP, that has a productive capacity of 2,000 ton/month and the dairy plant that processes more than 11 million liters of milk/month. Following it essence to always keep the quality, the ZDA Group has an Integrated Management System. That is a strategic tool to maintain the processes and products quality standard, offering advantages since the beginning until the end. The customer receives in the highest accuracy, exactly what bought, with maximum quality and commitment to deadlines. Quality warranty The quality standard is present throughout the manufacturing process, through highly trained people, modern regularly inspected equipment, rigour on the enforcing of the legal requirements and full compliance with its clients deadlines, all integrated with the management system. Our brands BEL: Traditional brand of candies, Bel is on market since 1976. With a broad portfolio of candy bars, assorted bonbons, tablets, marshmallows and compound coatings, being one of the pioneers in chocolate compound coating (fractionated) on Brazilian market. AILIRAM: The Ailiram brand, existent since 1945, was acquired by the ZDA Group in 2007 that elaborated a differentiated design to position their products. The investment resulted in the creation of snacks lines, such as cereal bars with high fiber content, and flavored popcorn ready for consumption, in several flavors. Offering more practicality to people day-to-day. HÉRCULES: Focused on dairy area, the brand existent since 1953, produces milk and milk cream and its production is sold to the entire state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Acquired in 2008, its current turnover has tripled and currently processes more than 11 million liters of milk/month. DIATT: Pioneer in diet chocolates in Brazil, the Diatt offers diet chocolates since 1994. Directed to people seeking for food without added sugar. These are products with the ANAD (National Association of Diabetes assistance) warranty seal , which brings confidence to Diabetics. The line has tablets, filled chocolates, chocolate bar for culinary and it is found in several stores in Brazil.



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