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The Financial Technical Cooperation Agreement between ABICAB and Apex-Brasil, called Brasil Sweets and Snacks, emerged in 1998, contribute to the development of the entire Brazilian chocolate, peanut and candy industry chain, promoting knowledge and generating international business opportunities.o conhecimento e gerando oportunidades de negócios internacionais.


ABICAB - Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Peanut and Candy Industry

Was founded in 1957, represents nationally the main manufacturers in the Chocolate (92%), Peanut (68%), candy, and Gum (62%) industries. The industries represented produce more than 1 million tons in volume and export products to more than 170 countries, generating income and jobs in all Brazilian regions.

The Association’s mission is to propose actions to promote domestic and foreign markets, with responsible consumption and encouragement of the sustainable chain and food safety. It is an entity that seeks dialogue with society and the various levels of power.

ApexBrasil - Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency

Works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. In order to achieve its goals, ApexBrasil carries out several trade promotion initiatives aimed at promoting Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms that also aim at strengthening the Brazil brand.

Brazilian Suppliers

Discover the companies that are benefiting from the Brasil Sweets & Snacks Agreement.

(inscrições encerradas) ISM Middle East 2024 (Confectionery) | 24 – 26/09
Dubai/Emirados Árabes
Salon du Chocolat 2024 (Bean to Bar) | 30/10 – 03/11 (a confirmar)
ISM Cologne 2025 (Confectionery) | 02 – 5/02
Projeto Comprador/Imagem Amendoim 25 | date to be defined
São Paulo/Brasil
IPF 2025 (Peanuts) | 9 – 11/04

Brazilian Confectionery Industry

Euromonitor International

Brazilian cocoa and chocolate

We cannot talk about Brazilian Chocolate if we don’t talk about Brazilian Cocoa first.


Brazilian Chocolate

Production, Apparent Consumption, export and import in volume (thousand tons)

Source: Data Collected - KPMG / ComeStat - Elaboration: Abicab

Brazilian Candies and gum

The candy and gum sector represents USD 69.6 billion worldwide, while in Brazil, the value is USD 1.7 billion (R$ 8.4 billion), according to data from Euromonitor (2023). In Brazil, the total production of the category represented 2023, a total of 288 thousand tons in all forms. Apparent consumption had a volume of 200 thousand tons, 7.5% higher than in 2022. Import and export volumes were 10 thousand tons and 98 thousand tons, respectively.

Production, Apparent Consumption, export and import in volume (thousand tons)

Source: Data Collected - KPMG / ComeStat - Elaboration: Abicab


Peanuts are one of the most essential legumes, similar to soybeans and beans. Brazil can produce and sell this legume in quantity, currently being the 12th largest producer globally. In 2022/23, the country had 892.8 thousand tons, showing an average growth of 22.5% between 2021/22 and 2022/23. This growth is expected to continue. Over the last four years, companies have invested around R$200 million in innovation, infrastructure, and logistics for expansion plans in the domestic and foreign markets. Today, the country is the 4th largest exporter of fresh peanuts. 88% of production is concentrated in the state of São Paulo, focused in two regions: Alta Mogiana (surrounding Ribeirão Preto and Jaboticabal) and Alta Paulista (area covered by Marília and Tupã) due to favorable terroir conditions. However, several companies are expanding their production to other states such as Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Goiás, Bahia, Sergipe, Tocantins and Rio Grande do Sul.

Production in volume (thousand tons)

In 2001, ABICAB implemented the Pró-Amendoim program, a peanut quality seal in Brazil. The associated companies with the “Pro-Peanut-ABICAB Certified Quality” seal meet the legislation requirements about aflatoxin levels and manufacture completely safe (audited and monitored) peanut-based products. The program collaborates with reporting irregular products that are available to consumers through monitoring (DNV-GL) and analysis carried out by the LAMIC laboratory, accredited by the competent Regulatory Agency. Currently, twelve companies participate in Pró-Amendoim: AmenBra, Bokada, Coplana, Da Colônia, Dori, Enova Foods, Guimarães, Jazam, Kuky, Malta & Rezende, Santa Helena and Yoki. All of them offer safe, monitored products to the market that meet strict quality standards, which contributes to improving the positive perception of the sector in the country.

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